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100 Great & Mostly Easy Ways to Get Babysitting Jobs

Babysitting is an excellent and rewarding job that is always in demand in any location. Childcare is an industry that offers flexibility in terms of hours, wages and frequency. Both teens and adults can get babysitting jobs to earn extra income. Since there are many parents who only need babysitters on a part-time basis, this job will not interfere with other obligations and responsibilities, such as regular work and school. Babysitter applicants have various methods of finding work by utilizing flyers, the Internet and word of mouth. Experience is one of the most important factors that parents look for in a babysitter. First-time babysitters can gain the experience they need by watching the children of relatives, friends and neighbors. Having a large number of babysitting jobs will also lead to solid references for your resume. No matter which method you use for finding a job, parents will almost always ask for references. It is best to start building your resume and reputation early if you want to enter a career in childcare or have a steady flow of part-time opportunities.

10 Great Social Ways for High Schoolers to Find Babysitting Jobs

Babysitting is a great opportunity for high schoolers to earn some income and gain responsibility. One of the best ways for teens to find babysitting jobs and advertise their services is through word of mouth. By going through social channels, teens can gain good references from their friends and family members to have a better chance at getting hired.

  • The church environment automatically builds a sense of trust between parents and potential babysitters, and there are always members looking for extra childcare.
  • Mom and Dad have connections to plenty of adults who might need part-time babysitters.
  • Friends who babysit often know parents who are looking for help, and they may have too many opportunities that they can offer to their buddies with a good reference.
  • High schools often post babysitting jobs for students to take advantage of, and counselors are available to offer advice.
  • While it may be inappropriate for a student to babysit for a teacher, high school instructors may know other adults who are looking for babysitters.
  • High schoolers can find several opportunities in their own neighborhoods or apartment complexes by posting flyers and talking to neighbors.
  • Many neighborhoods host family-oriented events that are typically geared toward young children, so teens can find plenty of parents who might need babysitting services.
  • Local daycare centers do not typically hire teenagers, but they may know parents who need extra assistance after hours when the center is closed.
  • High schoolers who frequent local gyms can advertise their services through flyers or by asking other members if they need babysitters.
  • Teens can babysit their younger siblings to gain experience and talk with the parents of their siblings’ friends to find out if they need help with childcare.

10 Great Social Ways for Adults to Find Babysitting Jobs

Adults can find great opportunities for babysitting through social networking methods. Everyone they meet on a daily basis could have young children and need babysitting services. Communication is the key to building trusting relationships and finding out who needs assistance with childcare.

  • Friends may have children or know someone who is looking for a babysitter, and the trust already exists for a great reference.
  • Co-workers often have kids and would be more than willing to hire a fellow employee for childcare assistance.
  • Getting to know the people at local daycare centers is a good way to generate some babysitting leads.
  • Adults meet new people all the time at local gyms like YMCA, and many of them need occasional babysitters.
  • Churches provide a friendly environment where adults can connect with parents who are looking for sitters.
  • Attending various neighborhood events offers the opportunity to meet nearby parents who may want help once in awhile.
  • Relatives can be a good source for babysitting opportunities if they have children or know people who need extra childcare.
  • Adults can meet people at local parks and recreation centers in a casual environment to gain some leads.
  • Group sports and leagues allow adults to interact with others who might be willing to hire them for babysitting needs.
  • Social networking sites, such as Facebook, expand opportunities for adults by introducing them to new communities of people.
10 Sites That Help People Get a Babysitting Job

There are several virtual marketplaces and agencies where babysitters can create free profiles to connect with parents looking for childcare services. There are search functions so that babysitters can find parents in their local area. When creating a profile, babysitters can specify if they would like to work full-time, part-time, permanently or temporarily. It is best to find a reliable site with a majority of positive reviews from users. Some of the top websites (other than include:

10 Things to Watch for When Looking for Babysitting Jobs Online

Searching for babysitting jobs online is convenient and can yield impressive results, but personal safety is always a factor. Most of the time, the parents and sitter are complete strangers who will need to get acquainted before any hiring can occur. The parents need to know that they can trust the sitter with their children, but the babysitter needs assurance that the situation is safe for him or her. There are simple tips to follow that will ensure better protection.

  • Use caution when meeting with the family.
  • Watch out for strange questions regarding financial situation, physical appearance or anything not relevant to the job.
  • Schedule the first meeting or interview in a neutral location, such as a local park or restaurant, preferably with crowds.
  • If the family insists on meeting at their house, ask if you could bring a friend or relative with you.
  • It can be helpful to get to know the parents over the phone first before agreeing to a physical meeting.
  • Ask for references to verify the parents’ claims.
  • Babysit on a trial basis before making any long-term commitments.
  • Check the website’s credibility and reviews. Some are only geared toward the parents’ protection, but there are others that value the sitter’s safety too.
  • Avoid giving out too much personal information. Providing a zip code is safer than an entire home address.
  • Trust your instincts and politely decline the job if you feel uneasy about anything.

10 Reasons So Many Parents Are Using the Internet to Find Sitters

The trend of online babysitting websites is growing as more parents are discovering the benefits. Finding babysitters is not an easy task, so parents appreciate additional avenues they can use to find an appropriate person to fill the job. Many parents are using the Internet because it is a source that is reliable every time.

  • Parents with busy schedules do not always have the time to search for a sitter by conventional methods, and the Internet provides a fast solution.
  • Parents who live far from family need to quickly find sitters in their local area.
  • Parents who are new members of a community want to connect with local sitters in a simplified environment.
  • The Internet is convenient for parents because it allows them to find good matches with a few clicks rather than dozens of phone calls.
  • Many websites grant parents access to background checks so that they feel safer with their choice of babysitters.
  • The Internet brings babysitting candidates to parents so that the parents do not have to actively seek babysitters.
  • There is a greater number of babysitters available on the Internet from which parents can select the perfect one.
  • Parents read positive reviews from other parents who have utilized Internet babysitting websites.
  • Babysitters are less expensive than professional daycare, and online candidates provide a wide range of hourly rates.
  • Parents who work strange hours can find sitters online with flexible schedules that meet their needs.

10 Skills that will Help Babysitters Attract Jobs

Like any other job, babysitting requires certain skill sets that will help the person fulfill the necessary duties. Parents are less likely to hire candidates with zero experience and no childcare skills. Building a resume and increasing your knowledge are great ways to increase your chances of landing a job.

  • Parents value sitters with CPR certification because this skill allows them to better handle emergency situations.
  • Previous experience with children is always a plus. First-time sitters can gain experience by being a mother, watching younger siblings and babysitting for friends and family.
  • Local colleges and community centers offer childcare courses that will look impressive on a babysitting resume.
  • Conducting independent research on childcare will give you additional knowledge that will help you prepare for expected duties.
  • First AID certification can be obtained through local Red Cross organizations and health departments.
  • Building a foundation of good references will help with landing a babysitting job by boosting credibility.
  • A flexible schedule is not required for some babysitting jobs, but it can help to build a larger number of clients.
  • Local recreation centers sometimes offer short babysitting classes that will teach you the basics of childcare.
  • Children like interacting with babysitters who know how to have fun, and parents appreciate this skill because engaged children are less likely to misbehave.
  • Organizational skills are useful for babysitting jobs because planning meals and activities will help maintain control of every situation.

10 Ways to Get Babysitting Jobs through Other Businesses

Connecting with parents can be good for part-time work and occasional jobs, but babysitters can find other great opportunities by contacting local businesses. There are plenty of businesses that offer daycare services to their employees, clients and members. Babysitters might be able to land full-time jobs or more consistent work by contacting some of these businesses.

  • Daycare centers hire new part-time or full-time employees and look for sitters to fill in temporarily.
  • Local businesses that offer daycare to employees need babysitters to watch children during working hours.
  • Gyms provide daycare services to their members with young children.
  • Colleges and universities sometimes build daycare centers for their student-parents.
  • Searching the classified ads can yield good results of businesses looking for babysitters.
  • Golfing communities need sitters to watch the children of their members.
  • Hospitals offer daycare services to patients with children.
  • Doctor offices for adults sometimes hire part-time babysitters to assist their patients.
  • Governmental buildings, such as courthouses and the DMV, must provide daycare for parents.
  • Hotels commonly hire babysitters to help their guests.

10 Ways to Get Babysitting Jobs through Local Organizations

There are several organizations that offer babysitting opportunities too. Some of these organizations may not have the funds to pay for services, but the parents can offer money and tips to the individuals. Even if the work is volunteer-based, you can gain valuable experience from these opportunities.

  • Almost all churches provide some type of daycare for members.
  • Neighborhood watch organizations can recruit babysitters who are willing to watch the neighbors’ children.
  • Community bulletin boards are good places to look for babysitter-wanted ads.
  • Libraries sometimes accept volunteer babysitters to help out the public.
  • Local groups, such as sports and book clubs, often need babysitters if their members have children.
  • People hosting events at parks sometimes need an extra pair of watchful eyes.
  • Recreational centers provide babysitting and networking opportunities.
  • Schools sometimes need people with childcare experience to chaperone different events and activities.
  • Non-profit organizations can often use extra babysitters and volunteers.
  • Special events, such as weddings, funerals and parties, can require the use of a babysitter to keep children calm.

10 Tips for Circulating Babysitting Flyers

Flyers and pamphlets are popular choices among babysitters looking for work. These materials act as advertisements and resumes for interested parents to stumble across. Flyers are still effective in today’s society as long as they are placed in areas frequented by parents. Sitters should spend quality time on their advertisements because they will be the first impression that parents receive. The most important aspects are the information contained and the location placed.

  • Find out which neighbors have children, and place flyers in their mailboxes.
  • Community bulletin boards are ideal locations for babysitter flyers.
  • Send emails throughout your office to advertise your babysitting availability.
  • Business cards are professional and easy to hand out to local parents.
  • Pass around flyers at church to announce your services.
  • Post classified ads in the local newspaper.
  • Include qualifying skills and experience in your materials to entice parents.
  • Do not forget to include a phone number or email address for contact purposes.
  • Use templates for a professional appearance.
  • Circulate flyers at children-oriented areas, such as parks, playgrounds and community pools.

10 Ways to Leverage Great References to Get Babysitting Jobs

Before hiring a babysitter, parents look for references from people who can vouch for the candidate’s skills and character. With babysitting experience, you will gain some good references to add to your list. You can also look for opportunities to work with children in order to network with people who can provide references. Even if you are volunteering, the experience could lead to a great amount of paying jobs in the future.

  • Current or previous clients provide the best references for babysitting jobs.
  • Friends can vouch for your character and recommend you to their friends with children.
  • Your family can provide references if you have babysat for any relatives.
  • Employers are good references for your personality, responsibility and work ethic.
  • Co-workers are excellent references because they can vouch for your professional abilities.
  • Teachers or professors are good choices for high schoolers and college students without much experience.
  • If you have taken any childcare classes, you can use your classmates as references.
  • Connect with your neighbors for positive referrals and references.
  • You can meet new people to add to your list by helping out at community events.
  • Participating in volunteer work or community service will introduce you to new people for your list of references.
Finding a babysitting job can be accomplished in any economy because childcare is always in demand. Babysitters need to understand the qualities that parents look for and the methods they use to find appropriate matches. Networking and public advertisements are the best ways to notify parents that you are available for childcare services. As long as you continue building your experience and list of references, you can always find steady work in this field.
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