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So you finally lined up a great sitter and you suddenly realize that you have no idea how much they might expect to be paid for their services.  Hopefully you are thinking about this before it’s time to send the sitter home for the night (we assume that is exactly how you found us today).  We will first cover some basic rules that you can use as a guideline and then we will provide you with a quick calculator that will provide you with a recommended babysitting rate for your situation.

5 Factors You Should Consider When Determining an Hourly Rate

  1. The minimum wage in your State is a great starting point.  We aren’t saying that you should only pay minimum wage, but we are saying that you should be aware of what it is for your State and not drop below that level at a minimum.
  2. You should also consider whether you are in a large city, small city, or rural area as that generally will let you know whether or not there is more competition for sitters (more parents that want to hire them).  Even if you are in a rural area if sitters are scarce, expect to pay more.
  3. You definitely need to consider the age of the sitter as well.  In general if the sitter is out of high school you can expect to have to pay a bit more as they likely have expectations set by other jobs they may have that you are also competing with for their time.
  4. One of the more obvious considerations is the number of children that the sitter will be watching.  You don’t really need to add to the hourly rate for 1 or 2 kids but beyond that, you really should expect to have to pay more.
  5. Finally, we suggest that you consider how late you are planning to be out in addition to how much of a notice you gave to your sitter.  If you are going to be past midnight or you gave them less than a days notice, we would suggest that you pay them a higher hourly rate.
On average, sitters are going to make between $7.00 and $10.00 per hour unless you are in a very large metropolitan area or are hiring a sitter from a large placement service (where the agency is also getting a fee).

NOTE: Before we get to our calculator we would be remiss if we didn’t also mention that the skills of the sitter also merit consideration.  If the sitter is certified, trained, or has demonstrated special skills you should pay them accordingly.  In addition if you have special needs or special need children then you definitely should compensate and hire an appropriate sitter for your situation.

Our Babysitting Rate Calculator

Now, let’s make it even easier by letting you calculate what your MINIMUM rate of pay should be. Please remember this is just the minimum and that you should always plan for a tip as well in addition to this hourly rate.

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