10 Free iPhone Apps You Will Use Every Day

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Few mobile devices are as relied upon and heavily used as Apple’s wildly popular iPhone, thanks largely to their marketing departments and the power of the App Store. While there are a variety of paid applications on the market for iPhone users to use that perform all types of different wonders, many of the best and most regularly used apps powered by the iPhone are free. These are 10 of the free apps that people tend to use on a daily basis:

  1. SoundHound – You’ll never have to struggle to find the name of a great song you hear in passing ever again with this incredibly useful and free app, which automatically detects the song that you’re listening to in as little as four minutes. With the world’s fastest music-recognition capabilities and a LiveLyrics feature that turns your iPhone into an impromptu portable karaoke party, you’ll definitely use SoundHound heavily.
  2. Dolphin Browser – Ranked number two on CNET’s 100 list, Dolphin Browser is a powerful and effective free iPhone browser that allows you to navigate the many features of your mobile device quickly and with relative ease. Drag-and-drop speed dial customization, gestures, and a Dolphin Sonar feature that allows you to access voice recognition capabilities are only a few of the reasons why you’ll find yourself using this little gem on a daily basis.
  3. Mint.com Personal Finance – Managing your finances can be quite a challenge, especially if you don’t have the proper tools at your disposal. Thankfully, Mint.com’s Personal Finance app will help you manage your accounts without breaking the bank through all of the different budgeting features that come to you free of charge.
  4. Words With Friends Free – Even the busiest iPhone user has a bit of downtime on occasion, which is why one of the most popular games in the mobile-device world is Words With Friends. Addictive and interactive, Words With Friends lets you pass the time spent waiting in line and in sitting in waiting areas by playing a game that looks suspiciously like Scrabble.
  5. WebMD – Whether you have children, health problems, or simply an overly curious nature, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for in the WebMD app. Search for the symptoms you or a loved one have to find a variety of options for discussion with your doctor.
  6. Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker by MyFitnessPal – If you’re watching your weight but can’t afford an expensive weight-loss club or support group, Calorie Counter might be just what you’re looking for. My Fitness Pal pulls from the single largest food database of any calorie-counting app on the market, ensuring that you’ll have no problem finding and entering what you’ve been eating.
  7. Trapster 5.0 – From providing a three-dimensional map populated with road hazards and speed traps to plotting the quickest and most efficient travel route using GPS information, Trapster is one of best mobile commute and travel resources out there.
  8. WeatherBug – Determining the weather requires a bit more than sticking your head out the window to find out if it’s raining, which is where WeatherBug will come in handy each and every day. Plan your wardrobe choices, afternoon appointments, and weekend drinks, all from one app.
  9. Flashlight by Rik – Most people find themselves in need of a flashlight far more often than they would think they would, and usually don’t actually have one in their possession. That’s where this free little app really shines, and will prove to be useful on a very regular basis.
  10. Wi-Fi Finder – Finding a Wi-Fi connection for your laptop or Apple mobile device is exceptionally easy with Wi-Fi Finder, which absolutely lives up to its name. Never struggle to find web access again, just power up this powerful little app and watch the results roll in.

Despite the overwhelming usefulness and convenience of having such a powerful piece of handheld equipment literally at the tips of your fingers, it’s important to keep in mind that driving while managing an application is just as dangerous as drinking or texting while driving. Wait until you arrive safely at your destination or pull over to access the wonders of the iPhone at the App Store safely.

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