10 Huge Celebrities with Deadbeat Siblings

sibling rivalry
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When you make it big or just come into some money it’s amazing how many long lost family members surface to share the wealth.  I’m sure the same thing happens when your sibling makes it big in music or acting.  We’ve seen a lot of siblings ride the coattails of their celebrity sibling.  Check out 10 celebrities with deadbeat siblings.

  1. Michael Jackson: Michael may have gotten his start singing with his older brothers and sisters, but when his talent took off and he made it big things changed.  Now after his death his brothers and sisters are still fighting over his money.  The only one who isn’t fighting is Janet because she’s almost as big as Michael was.  It was rumored that Michael was paying a lot of the bills for his brothers and sisters over the last twenty years.  La Toya is still trying to cash in on the fact that she is Michael’s sister.
  2. Alec Baldwin: His brother Daniel is the least famous of the brother.  I’m not sure if he gets extra credit or not because all of his brothers are more successful than he is.  Yes, Daniel is the deadbeat brother of Alec, William and Stephen Baldwin.  He’s a drug user, streaker, and reckless driver just to name a few.  He tried to make a buck by appearing on Celebrity Fit Club, a reality show that helps celebrities lose weight and get into shape, but he didn’t even show up for the season finale.  What a loser.  I guess the good genes all ran out by the time they got to him.
  3. Jimmy Carter: Billy is a red-necked hick that has embarrassed his brother on multiple occasions.  Not only is he an alcoholic, but he’s been caught by press urinating on an airport runway.  Over the years Billy has tried to profit off of his brother’s good name by trying to sell his own line of beer.  How appropriate for an alcoholic to sell his own line of beer.
  4. Madonna: Anthony Ciccone, Madonna’s older brother, is reportedly homeless and living under a bridge in Michigan.  Apparently he has trouble handling money which might be why he’s living on the streets.  He’s mad at his sister for not helping him out during his time of need.  Apparently he got fired from the “family vineyard” which probably tells you what kind of work ethic the guy had if his own family fired him.
  5. Mariah Carey: Alison Carey Scott, older sister of Mariah Carey, is said to be HIV positive as a result of her life as a hooker.  She has been arrested for prostitution and drugs.  Apparently she has an ad out advertising herself as an escort and erotic massager at the going rate of $250 an hour.  She claims she can get no help from any of her family.  She is the mother of four.  Mariah has paid for rehab several times.
  6. Bill Clinton: Roger Clinton, he’s the deadbeat brother of former president Bill Clinton.  He’s done time in prison for dealing cocaine in the 80’s and taking money from the mob in exchange for a request for leniency for some mobster doing time for dealing cocaine.  Just what we need, the president’s half-brother taking payoff money from the Gambino family.  Tsk. Tsk.  Shameful, kind of makes what Bill did less offensive right?
  7. Jimi Hendrix: Leon, deadbeat brother of Jimi, this guy really was scraping bottom.  He stole a fur coat and was sent to jail.  He was doing time for his crime right when his brother Jimi died and he got next to nothing in inheritance.  Apparently most of it went to Jimi’s dad and when his dad passed away poor Leon only got a single gold record to show for it.  He’s now so slimy he’s trying to make money by selling albums and the only thing going for that album is his last name.  Too bad he couldn’t find a life of his own.
  8. Rob Lowe: Chad Lowe, riding his brother Rob Lowe’s coattails trying to make a name for himself in Hollywood, but failing miserably at it.
  9. Richard Nixon: Donald Nixon, brother of former president Richard Nixon.  He wasn’t a complete deadbeat, but he kept trying his hand in venture after venture with people his brother “knew”.  His money got tied up in the Watergate scandal as well and he filed for bankruptcy in 1961.  He later died of cancer in 1987.  His brother didn’t trust him and was having the CIA wiretap him.
  10. Beyonce Knowles: Solange, little sister to Beyonce, Solange got her start as a teenager dancing with sister Beyonce’s group Destiny’s Child.  She went on to write and record an album on her Father’s record label.  The album did not do particularly well.  Beyonce tried to help her sister when she could.  Solange has done some acting as well cashing in on her sister’s fame to get the roles.
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