10 Ideas to Help Your Child Become More Confident

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In childhood as well as adulthood, confidence is the key to success. Whether it’s a matter of making friends on the playground or landing that job, a strong sense of self-esteem makes all the difference, so it’s important to instill confidence in your child from an early age. If your child is struggling with his or her confidence level, here are ten tips that might help.

  1. Love Unconditionally – One of the hallmarks of a confident kid is the knowledge that their parents will love them, regardless of whether they succeed or fail. These kids tend to succeed because they believe they can, rather than out of a fear of losing the love of their parents if they don’t.
  2. Notice the Little Things – When you remember the little quirks and habits of your child, it helps them feel that they have worth as a person, rather than simply as your child. As a result, they’ll feel more secure and confident.
  3. Allow a Few (Healthy!) Risks – While allowing a daredevil jump from the roof is a bit ill-advised, allowing your child to take healthy risks helps them to learn new skills on their own and to be proud of their accomplishments.
  4. Don’t Fix Everything For Them –Though swooping in for a quick fix might make you the hero of the hour, it will eventually cause your child to feel that they can’t remedy a bad situation on their own. As a result, their confidence in themselves may suffer.
  5. Celebrate Accomplishments – Lavishing effusive praise on your child in every situation can make them feel as if their larger accomplishments are of no more importance than getting out of bed each morning. It’s best to be supportive at all times, but to save big celebrations for big triumphs.
  6. Listen Carefully – Taking time to really hear your child’s opinions and ideas will do wonders for their self-esteem, just as dismissing them in favor of your own can damage it greatly. Be sure to listen to your child and try to see things from their perspective to boost their sense of self-worth.
  7. Avoid Drawing Comparisons – Statements like, “why can’t you be more like your brother?” only damage your child’s confidence, causing them to feel competitive and hurt rather than secure in their own abilities. It’s best to avoid making these comparisons.
  8. Support Your Child’s Interests – Though you may be more interested in the arts, you should still support your child’s athletic tendencies, and vice versa. Knowing that you respect their interests, even if you don’t share them, helps your child to feel more secure in themselves.
  9. Encourage Independent Behavior – Kids that make decisions for themselves and deal with the repercussions are more confident than those whose parents decide everything for them. It’s possible to encourage independence and offer support when things don’t turn out as planned without being distant, and it’s good for your children if you do so.
  10. Draw Attention to the Positive – Mistakes are a part of childhood, just as they are part of adulthood. Instead of dwelling on negative aspects of your child’s performance, try to emphasize the things that they do well.

It can be difficult to strike a balance between fostering independence and being too hands-off as a parent, but it’s important for your child’s well-being as well as your own sanity. You know your child and what works best for them; tailoring your approach to boosting self-confidence to your child will be much more effective than looking for a one-size-fits-all solution.

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