10 Infamous Stories About Siblings That Fought Publicly

sibling rivalry
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For those of us who have siblings we can totally understand how fights can happen.  At the end of the day I think most of us feel that we’ll always love our sibling and we’ll always be family.  When you are in the spotlight having a fight publicly with your sibling it’s a bit harder to move on because it seems like everyone knows your business and has an opinion about it.  Check out 10 infamous stories about siblings that fought publicly.

  1. Mary Kate and Ashley: These billionaire moguls are so young it’s just amazing.  They’ve been acting since they were babies on Full House. It doesn’t help that they look alike, but in recent years they have tried to separate and have their own lives where they could.  Ashley reportedly got tired of taking care of Mary Kate’s manic mood swings and she just wanted out.  Ashley is worried that she will go down with her sister and wants to separate their assets.
  2. Olivia de Havilland and Joan Fontaine: Probably the oldest sibling rivalry in Hollywood.  These sisters are now in their 90’s and still refuse to go to the same event.  The most recent event was May 2008 when the Academy was celebrating Bette Davis’ life.  Both sisters had worked with her and were invited to share memories, but only one sister would attend.  Both, Oscar winning actresses from a forgotten era and both, too stubborn to stop fighting even in their twilight years.
  3. The Jacksons: After Michael died there were all sorts of squabbling about his money.  Then a proposed tour with the remaining Jackson siblings caused more fighting because the producers of the tour were going to pay Janet the most and La Toya and Rebbie the least.  The siblings didn’t think it was fair.
  4. Ann Landers and Abigail Van Buren: These advice columnists were forever fighting.  This sibling rivalry went on for decades.  Abigail had the column called ‘Dear Abby’ and it was published in some newspapers while other newspapers carried ‘Ann Landers’.  At one point Abigail offered her column at a discounted rate to the Sioux City Journal if they would cease to run the ‘Ann Landers’ column.
  5. Venus and Serena Williams: These star athletes went head to head competing for tennis’ coveted titles.  These two have fought over the years about who is the better tennis player.  With Venus’ recent health scare these two sisters have become even closer now.
  6. Jessica and Ashlee Simpson: Jessica had the great music career first and opened the door for Ashlee.  Ashlee went on to star in her own reality TV show which of course never goes well.
  7. Payton and Eli Manning: What are the odds that two brothers would both love playing football?  Those odds are pretty good.  What about the odds that both would play quarterback on an NFL football team?  I’d say those odds are pretty low.  These two have fought about who is the better football player, but at least I don’t think this rivalry is a nasty one.
  8. Emilio Estevez and Charlie Sheen: This has been a very public fight in which Emilio tried to help Charlie end his downward spiral with drugs, but was unable to and Charlie didn’t want his brother’s help.  He plainly told him to butt out of his business.  It’s kind of hard to avoid the train wreck that is Charlie Sheen, but apparently his brother Emilio is done.
  9. Kim, Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian:  These three are amazing and seem to be constantly at each other’s throats.  Since they are doing a reality TV show everyone gets to be in on every nasty thing that they say to each other.  I do think in the end they will always be there for each other, but I think it’s time for them to grow up.
  10. The Bee Gees: Barry, Robin and Maurice Gibb made up the Bee Gees and their group was on again and off again due to sibling squabbling.  When Maurice died Barry and Robin have mended fences and now perform together on occasion.  Stories about the fighting in the band were well documented.  Apparently the biggest fight was for approval from their father.  Their younger brother Andy went on to have tremendous success as a solo artist before his battle with drugs occurred and resulted in his death.  The brothers are reported to be still reeling from his death even today.


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