10 Safety Tips for Parents with Guns

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Every parent wants to do anything necessary to keep their child safe. Many parents forget a vital fact, children and guns do not mix. There are ways to be a gun owner without risking harm to your child. Here are ten good safety tips for parents with guns.

  1. Never Leave Your Guns Loaded – By leaving your gun loaded, you are taking an unnecessary risk. Children tend to be very curious, and they may wonder what the black shiny thing is.  They may not understand the fully that the gun can hurt them and others.
  2. Store Ammo and Guns Separately – By storing you ammunition in a different place than your gun, even if your child discovers one or the other, they will not have access to both at the same time. Unloaded guns without any ammunition are fairly harmless.
  3. Invest in Trigger Locks – While there are a lot of people who argue the necessity of investing in trigger locks, it is a great investment for all parents with guns. Trigger locks will make it impossible to shoot the gun. This protects kids of all ages from accidental misfiring of the firearm. Of course, trigger locks only work if they are installed properly on all of your guns.
  4. Teach Respect for Firearms- The best way to protect your children when it pertains to guns is to educate them. You want to teach them that guns and other firearms are not toys, they can hurt people. Also that they should respect all guns, whether it is a hunting rifle or a pistol. All guns deserve respect and proper handling.
  5. Never Point Guns at People- If you want to teach your child how to be safe with guns, one of the first things to teach them is to never point guns at people. Of course, you need to follow the rule, too. Do not tell your child not to aim a gun at people if you joke around and aim one at people yourself.  Children learn best by example.
  6. Never Assume a Gun is Empty- Assuming a gun is empty is just how many shooting accidents happen. If you always treat your gun as if it was loaded, even when you think it is not, you will keep it pointed in safe directions and be careful not to place your finger on the trigger.
  7. B-B Guns Aren’t Toys- One of the most common misconceptions is that B-B guns cannot hurt anyone, they are just a toy. Sadly to say, they are a real weapon. They may not kill someone but they still can cause real damage, and they can hurt someone. Children need to follow gun safety rules with B-B guns, just the same way that they follow them with all other firearms.
  8. Never Leave a Gun Unattended- Whether you are going to bed or to the local store or even just into another room, you should never leave your gun unattended. Unattended guns are asking for trouble. Children appear and disappear quickly; don’t take the chance.
  9. Clean Guns Safely- When you are cleaning your gun, remember to have it facing toward the floor. This stops people from accidentally discharging the weapon in the direction of themselves or another individual. Also teach your child the importance of making double sure that there are no bullets left in the barrel or chamber prior to cleaning.
  10. Gun Safes- The most important investment a gun-owning parent can make is to purchase a gun safe. This allows the parent the ability of hiding all the firearms under lock and key. Keep your guns safe from innocent children and any other unwanted person. Gun safes can be purchased small enough to hold one handgun and big enough to hold an arsenal.

No matter what safety tips you follow to protect your children from the dangers of guns, remember that you have to arm your children with the right knowledge of how to best respond to holding, operating, or maintaining firearms. Arming you children with the proper knowledge is the best way to protect them from the dangers of firearms.

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