10 Signs You May Need Parenting Lessons

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Not everyone is cut out to be a parent. For that matter, not every parent is completely up to date on his  or her training, if personal observation and news headlines are any indication. To be fair, most parents are loving and conscientious caregivers whose top priority is their children. On the other hand, there’s these folks listed below, who provide us with today’s list of ten signs you may need parenting lessons:

  1. For the mullet alone, we think this guy is in serious need of some parenting lessons. As if the fashion statement wasn’t  bad enough, he’s making quite another one that we’d rather not even try to interpret.
  2. This one is on the kiddie park designers more than the parents, but still. We’re not sure if that’s supposed to be Harry Potter with a magic wand, or something far more sinister and perverse, but either way, that’s one scary image for little tykes.
  3. Sure, it’s all fun and games until someone swallows their tonsils. What was this guy thinking anyway? We don’t see any leaves in this photo. Heck, we don’t even see a lawn. Did he break out the leaf blower just to try turning his daughter into a Thanksgiving Day Parade float?
  4. Even those SUV’s can only hold so much cargo. After a full day of shopping, we suppose Mom simply had to economize on her available space, forcing her to make some tough decisions.
  5. Call us old-fashioned, but seeing this photo makes us long for simpler times when kids got to lick the spoon after mom whipped up some cake frosting. We seem to recall it being a lot less likely to rearrange our faces.
  6. The best that we can hope for here is that this is just a tailgate party for a soccer match, and these infants will merely be drinking a few cervezas. Even so, having a designated driver doesn’t make it safe for them to be partying it up in the bed of a pickup truck.
  7. We thought about making some joke about the Donner family Thanksgiving dinner, but that would have been tasteless. Much like this baby sammich. Let’s just pray that this was photo-shopped, and that no actual parents were involved, nor babies harmed, in the making of this sub.
  8. It’s good that this kid’s parents at least had the presence of mind to equip him with a bib. Hopefully they also had the forethought to hide his car keys and clear his calendar for the next couple of days.
  9. We’re all for the idea of kids communing with nature, but this may be a little more nature than our young friend needs to be taking in. Or is it the other way around? Nice that they at least let him take his favorite toy with him into the cage.
  10. So maybe you can save a few buck on diapers by taking the crate training approach over potty training, but this can’t be a good for the child’s spine. At least invest in a larger size and, wait… Are those pee pads hanging on the side right there?
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