10 Signs Your Sibling Likes Your Significant Other Too Much

sibling rivalry
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Maybe you’ve just been watching too many episodes of Jerry Springer, but you can’t seem to shake this nagging feeling that your sibling is just a little too into your significant other. You aren’t 100% sure, because you haven’t got solid proof, so you suffer in silence. Well, allow us to point out a few ways you can be sure. After all, we’ re here to help. Here’s a list of ten signs that your sibling likes the one you love, almost as much as you do:

  1. Intimate gifts, at Christmas or birthdays. There aren’t a whole lot of good excuses for getting this personal, so we’d have to say that the Victoria’s Secret collection your wife got for Mother’s Day probably should have come from you and not your brother.
  2. If your sister is spending a lot of time with your boyfriend, without you around, let’s hope they’re planning your wedding – and not theirs. Especially if they’re secretive or defensive about it, you’ve got good reason to be concerned.
  3. You visit your brother’s apartment, and he’s got photos of your girl all over the place. This is generally not a good sign for you. If he’s got a darkroom on the premises, then it’s officially time to get creeped out.
  4. Your boyfriend and sister call each other almost as much as, or even more than, you talk to either one of them. Bonus dilemma points if they tend to leave the room when you’re around in order to talk on the phone.
  5. You’ve got friends who actually think that your girlfriend is dating your brother. After all, they see those two together more often than they see her with you. Not to mention that they seem so happy together and make a cute couple.
  6. If your sister tells your beau embarrassing stories about your past whenever you’re hanging out together, it could be an attempt to lower your stock in his eyes. You can confirm this, if it tends to be in combination with #7…
  7. Your sister always dresses seductively when she plans to be around your boyfriend. Even when she hasn’t got a date, she picks out the sexiest outfits she owns whenever she comes around.
  8. Your brother has been inviting you to go out, or to his place, more now since you’ve been dating your girlfriend than he ever has before in your lives. This sudden interest in your company may in fact have nothing to do with male bonding, or even you.
  9. Your friends remark to you how frequently your brother talks about your girlfriend, and about the glow in his eyes whenever he does. You hope the feeling isn’t mutual, but it’s still an unhealthy situation.
  10. You find the two of them in bed together. Now you’re officially eligible for your own episode on the Springer show. For dress rehearsal, we recommend that you practice your hair-pulling and chair-tossing techniques with your girlfriends.
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