10 Tips for Scoring Stellar Easter Photos of the Kids

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Spring is in the air, the Easter Bunny abounds and your children are wearing adorable outfits. For most parents, the first item on the agenda is to get plenty of snapshots to commemorate the excitement of the day. Managing to capture those beautiful moments in a way that translates to great photographs, however, is a bit tricky. These ten tips can help you get better Easter photographs of your family, from snapshots to professional portraits.

  1. Opt for Coordinating Outfits Over Those That Match – Putting your kids in outfits that match is adorable when they’re walking into Easter church services, but tends to be a bit on the cheesy side when it comes to family photos. That’s not to say that you have to make sure that every outfit is completely and wholly original, though. Coordinating kids’ outfits makes for a cohesive picture that doesn’t strip anyone’s individuality.
  2. Schedule Photographs Carefully – It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that tired and hungry kids are usually cranky, and that cranky kids don’t tend to have much patience for photographs. When you schedule your day, try to balance picture time so that kids are awake and well-fed, but haven’t yet had a chance to destroy their outfits.
  3. Realize That Candid is Okay – Perfectly posed family portraits certainly have their charm, but there’s also something very touching and personal about candid shots. When your kids are playing together or carefully examining an Easter egg, snap a photo. You’ll capture their natural expressions in a photo that’s a bit more genuine than one with stiff poses and painted-on smiles.
  4. Just Keep Shooting – Most digital cameras these days have the ability to snap rapid-fire photographs, and you don’t have to develop an entire roll of traditional film to get your hands on a single shot. Remember that you can edit or delete any pictures that aren’t up to snuff, but you can’t recapture a moment that passes by. Fire away!
  5. Learn Your Way Around a Photo Editing Program – You probably don’t need to learn professional level airbrushing, but it is wise to learn the basic tools in a photo editing program like PhotoShop or free, open source programs like GIMP. When you know how to correct red-eye or digitally remove stains from Easter clothing, you may be able to salvage a beautiful shot that was marred by a few flaws.
  6. Think Twice About Using Animals as Props – Easter is associated with springtime, rabbits and baby chickens. Integrating a rabbit or a baby chicken may seem like a great way to capture the Easter spirit, but it can also be just asking for trouble. Animals scratch, bite and attempt to get away from little hands, and children can be scared of even a wee, cuddly thing that’s unfamiliar to them.
  7. Get On the Kids’ Level – Perspective is an important element of quality photography, which is why getting down on your kids’ level tends to result in better photographs than those shot from a standing position. Rather than towering over your brood and snapping a few shots of the top of their head, why not get down to eye-level for a few frames. You may be surprised at how well they turn out!
  8. Be Realistic – No matter how invested you are in getting the perfect Easter photo, your children will not be able to hold the same pose for an hour, nor will they want to do so. Unless you want the last few shots to be of your kids’ crying faces, try to keep photo shoots on a realistic timeline.
  9. Read Your Camera’s Instruction Manual – Even if you think you own a simple point-and-shoot, there are probably features on your camera that could be improving your photographs dramatically, if only you knew how to use them. Taking a few minutes to carefully look over the features and tools on your camera can turn a mediocre photograph into a fabulous one.
  10. Consider Working With a Professional – The expenses of raising a bustling family are such that professional photographers may seem like an overwhelming luxury. While calling a high-profile artist to shoot on location may get a bit pricey, you can also walk into a portrait studio in your area and have photographs taken for a reasonable cost. If you’re absolutely at the end of your rope when it comes to Easter pictures and are on the verge of giving the whole project up, you may want to load everyone up and drive to the nearest studio.

Before you allow yourself to become frazzled and discouraged by the lack of cooperation or your struggle to frame the perfect shot, remember that the name of the game is preserving memories. Who wants to preserve memories of being miserable, stressed out and frustrated? Try to relax, go with the flow and focus on family fun as you focus the camera.

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