10 Ways Babysitters Can Earn Extra Money

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Babysitting is a great way for a girl to earn an income and gain some work experience at the same time. It offers the opportunity to develop skills like time child care, time management, business management, leadership, and many more. With such skills as these in mind, what are some other potential means to earn some extra money aside from babysitting? Let’s have a look at ten possibilities:

  1. Day Care Worker – All of the skills that make you a great babysitter will qualify you to work part-time at a day care center as well. These jobs complement one another well with regard to skills as well as typical work hours.
  2. Pet Sitting – You may find that families that you babysit for also have pets that need to be cared for when the family’s away; or they may have friends and neighbors who can use a good pet sitter. This can broaden your list of references at the same time.
  3. Tutoring – Your babysitting jobs may have introduced you to some opportunities to tutor for some extra income. You may even have already done some tutoring as part of your babysitting duties. This can work well with your current job as a sitter, and you may be able to double up with some families, doing both jobs for more money.
  4. House Cleaning – Offer your services as a house cleaner to the families that you sit for, and ask them for referrals. You’d be surprised how many families with kids who need sitters could also use some help with other household chores.
  5. Summer Camp – There are numerous opportunities for teens at summer camps. Check with your local camps  for openings during the off-season. Counselors, assistant coaches, and other jobs are often available.
  6. Lawn Mowing – If you’ve got the right equipment and lots of energy, you may want to consider taking care of a few yards in the neighborhood. Landscaping and gardening help are always in demand during the spring and summer.
  7. Car Detailing – It’s not as complicated as it might sound, and doesn’t require any mechanical know-how. It’s really all about dressing up a car after it’s been washed. Windows, wheels, dash, etc. all need to be cleaned, polished, waxed, etc., and that’s worth pretty good money for the right touch.
  8. Grocery Shopping – There may be some elderly neighbors or shut-ins nearby who need someone to run their errands or buy their groceries for them. This could be an opportunity for you to help someone and possibly earn some extra money.
  9. Fast Food – If you’re old enough and able to work an available shift, there’s always an opening at fast food restaurants. The pay is better than you might think, and benefits are also included for full-time workers, and some for part-timers as well.
  10. House Sitting – Even neighbors without young children or pets can use a sitter. When people go away for vacations or business trips, they might like to have someone look after their home for them. It’s good to have a responsible person check the mail, make sure the house lights are turned on, etc.
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  1. Tina Says:

    May 11th, 2012 at 10:53 am

    Babysitting is an important,interesting at the same time a responsible job.

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