10 Ways Kids Get Their Siblings to do Their Work

sibling rivalry
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Kids have always been creative when it comes to finding ways to get out of doing chores. The smarter the kid, the more creativity is used for avoiding work. Perhaps you may be wondering about some of the secret deals made by your kids behind the scenes when one of them wants to shirk their duties. Here are a few ways that kids may use to get their sibling to shoulder the load.

  1. Blackmail – It starts early. One kid has the goods on his sibling and carries it like a hammer over the other’s head. It works well until the one who’s avoiding being found out comes to the conclusion that it’s better to confess to Mom and Dad than to remain in a life of servitude.
  2. Bribery – All that’s needed is knowledge of something you have that your sibling wants. If you’re willing to give up the desired item, you’ve got it made. Depending on the age of the children involved, one can get a lot of work out of the other for a very small price. As they get older, the price gets higher. But some kids don’t mind if it means not having to do the work.
  3. Trading jobs – Sometimes the jobs are equal and sometimes not. If a sibling happens to be a little gullible, the other one could possibly get out of big job by offering to do a smaller job for his sibling. For example, taking out the garbage in exchange for vacuuming. The garbage may just mean taking one bag out to the dumpster, where vacuuming means doing the entire house including the steps.
  4. Payment – You always wondered why your kid always has money. Now you know. She’s getting paid to do her sister’s chores. Some kids would rather pay a sibling to do their work than to do it themselves.
  5. Bullying – Sad to say it, but some kids just bully their siblings into doing their work for them. When you have a big brother or sister that bosses you around and makes you feel intimidated, it is a lot easier to just give in and do what they tell you to do, especially if there will be consequences if you tell.
  6. Lying – “Mom says you have to do….” If Mom is not around to straighten things out then the pressure is on to get the job done before Mom gets home.
  7. Asking politely – Some siblings are very helpful toward one another and merely asking one to do the job of the other will be enough to get it done. This may be a somewhat rare occurrence, but it does happen
  8. Sharing the load – One sibling may ask the other for help and the other may oblige. Now this can go one of two ways. Hopefully the one who did the asking will work along side the one who is helping. More likely, it’s the helper who will actually do most of the work.
  9. Whining – Some kids can be so annoying with their whining and complaining that their siblings do the work for them to get them to be quiet.
  10. Needing or faking the need for help – Younger kids can often get the help of their older siblings by looking like they need help. Especially if the older sibling happens to be crazy about the younger one. Sometimes older kids really enjoy helping out their younger siblings.

Kids have their ways of bending situations to their advantage. You may want to check into the method your child uses to get others to do their work for them. Hopefully they are choosing an acceptable way of getting help otherwise you may need to have a talk about responsibility.

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