24 Blogs with Tips on Coloring Your Own Hair for the First Time

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Coloring your hair is a good option whether you are trying to cover some gray or you just want to try a different look.  Going to the salon to get your hair colored can be very expensive, so you may be considering coloring your hair on your own.  If you want guaranteed perfect results, you should go to a professional.  However, if you are willing to experiment with your hair a little, you might be a good candidate for coloring your own hair.  Keep in mind that some of the biggest fiascos happen when hair is not in good shape, so it’s important that you prepare your hair ahead of time to make sure it’s at its healthiest.  Then you will need to decide whether you want to try highlights, temporary color or permanent color for your first attempt.  Read through these 24 blog articles and educate yourself before you try anything on your own.

Preparing to Color

The first step when preparing to color your hair at home is to make sure that your hair is healthy.  Even if you think your hair is in fairly good condition, it’s recommended that you do a deep conditioning treatment on your hair a few days before you color.  For more tips on what you should do to get your hair ready to receive color, take a look at these six blog posts.

  1. 7 Things You Need to Know Before Coloring Your Hair
  2. Beauty Tips—For Coloring Hair
  3. Best Hair Coloring Tips: What You Need to Know Before You Dye Your Hair
  4. How I Prepare for Hair Color
  5. Things to Know Before You Dye Your Hair
  6. 7 Things to Consider Before Coloring Your Hair


Highlights might be a good place to start for your first time coloring your hair.  While it’s a little more work, you can adjust how much color you are putting in your hair.  If you are just starting to get gray hair, you are better off highlighting your hair for a while because it’s less of a commitment and less maintenance.  Once you start coloring your hair, it’s hard to find a good time to stop, so you end up coloring it for the rest of your life at that point.  For pointers on how to highlight your hair, read through these six blog entries.

  1. How to Highlight Your Own Hair
  2. How to Highlight Your Own Hair at Home with Foil
  3. How to Highlight Your Own Hair
  4. How to Highlight Your Own Hair at Home
  5. How to Cut, Color & Highlight Your Hair at Home
  6. How to Foil or Highlight Your Own Hair- Part 1

Temporary Color/Semi-Permanent

Once you decide you want to go with all-over color in your hair, you might want to take your new color for a trial run.  If you use temporary color or a semi-permanent color, you are leaving yourself an out if you find that you really don’t like the color. Also, if it turns out badly you haven’t committed yourself to live with the color for the next three years.  Some temporary color is so short-lived that you can wash it out with the very next shampoo.  Others will take a few shampoos.  Temporary color is something you can try for a special occasion and then go back to your normal color the next day.  To find out more about what your temporary coloring options are, check out these six blogs.

  1. Hair Chalking: A New Look at DIY Hair Color
  2. Add a Splash of Color to Your Hair with Dudley’s Fantastic Colors
  3. Wanna Add Temporary Color Streaks to Your Dark Brown or Black Hair?  Grab Your Gel Eye Shadow and Go
  4. Eye shadow… for Your Hair! It’s the Best Way to (Temporarily) Try the Dip-Dye Trend
  5. How To: Rock Temporary Hair Color!
  6. DIY: Temporary Dip Dye Hair

Permanent Dye

If you are more than 50% gray and are looking for something to cover up the gray for a while, you are looking for permanent dye.  The most important thing to remember about permanent dye is to buy a good quality dye and that you choose a shade lighter than you really want.  These six blog posts will help you decide if permanent coloring is for you and if it is what the best way is to go about getting the look you are after.

  1. 4 Must-Read Tips for Upgrading Your Spring Hair Hue
  2. How To: Color Your Hair at Home
  3. Cool Ways to Dye Your Hair
  4. How to Dye Hair
  5. How-To: DIY Dyed Ombre Hair
  6. How to Dye Hair Like a Pro
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