25 Blogs that Will Help Your Tween Become the Ultimate Fashionista

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The tween years are typically the time when many young girls begin to become more interested in current trends and dressing fashionably. Some may just want to look fashionable at school and impress their peers, but others may have high hopes of someday becoming a fashion designer or a stylist for magazines. Becoming a fashionista isn’t just about putting together clothes; your tween will also need to research current trends in clothing, hair, skincare and shoes.  You can find some help in these 25 blog entries.  Make sure you check out the tips and tricks section, because there’s a lot of good advice for your budding fashionista in there.


Clothing trends are always changing.  To become a fashionista, it’s important to be up to date on all of the latest trends.  Look to tween role models and see what they are wearing.  Check out magazines like Teen Vogue and others to scope out the latest fashions.  Don’t be afraid to mix and match things when you see them in the store.  These five blog posts will provide a look at what is hot in tween fashion.


There are a multitude of ways that tweens can wear their hair, so be sure to take a look at how tweens are wearing their hair on TV shows, in magazine shoots and more.  People generally believe that long hair provides you with more versatility when styling your hair, but there are actually plenty of fun ways to style short hair as well.  Make sure that whatever you choose, the look is flattering for your face shape.  Read through these five blog articles to find out more on what’s trending in hair.

Skin Care and Makeup

Tweens typically want to start dabbling in make-up, but it’s definitely something to discuss before letting her use it because you don’t want her to overdo it.  Many moms allow their tween to wear just a touch of make-up to enhance her natural beauty.  These skin and make-up tips for tweens will help your tween understand how to take care of her skin and learn some make-up trends.


A fashionable pair of shoes can make regular jeans and a T-shirt look fashion forward, while a pair of dirty tennis shoes can make the same look seem sloppy.  Take a look at the shoes that are in by checking out these five blog posts.  It’s important that the shoes fit properly for your tween so that there’s no damage to her still growing feet.  See what’s hot right now in tween shoes.

Tips & Tricks

Some tweens have already started their own fashion blogs, so don’t let age stop your tween from exploring and sharing her love for fashion.  These blog posts will share suggestions on where your tween should start if she wants to become a fashionista.  Maybe you have a budding fashion designer or stylist; you’ll find tips for them as well.

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