30 Blogs with the Best Childcare Tips

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Whether you’re a parent, professional childcare provider or an occasional caregiver, taking care of children can be a challenge. Even seasoned veterans can sometimes find themselves at a loss, in need of advice from someone with a slightly different perspective from their own. Just as parents and caregivers in days gone by relied upon one another for childcare tips and hints, those in charge of children today can turn to the global village created by the Internet and the blogosphere. These 30 blog entries offer helpful advice and hints when it comes to caring for children.

Infant Care

Despite her diminutive size, an infant can be one of the most intimidating people in the world. Newborns and young babies require very special care to ensure their safety and wellbeing, which can be daunting to those who have limited experience caring for them. These five blogs are valuable resources for newborn and infant care advice.

Toddler Care

When toddlers begin to walk and become verbal, they begin to present an entirely new challenge. While the days of supporting fragile necks and fears of SIDS have passed, the prospect of chasing an active toddler and capturing her attention can be equally nerve-wracking. When you’re not sure where to turn for toddler care advice, these five blogs may have just what you’re looking for.

Elementary-Age Care

Elementary school, homework and extracurricular activities become a major part of many kids’ lives. Learning to manage their time, the stress of their obligations, and their behavior isn’t always a simple process for elementary-aged kids, but these five blogs can help their parents and caregivers guide them along the right path.

Tween Care

With junior high school comes peer pressure, bullying, acting out and the potential for a host of brand new challenges. These five blogs tackle the very real challenges that parents and caregivers of tween boys and girls face in today’s world.

Special Needs Care

Each child with special needs has her own challenges to face and needs assistance in different areas than her peers. Tailoring your parenting or childcare approach to those needs is imperative if she’s to thrive, and these five blogs can help parents or care providers with limited experience in such areas learn new hints and tips so that all of those needs are met.

Disobedience and Misbehavior

There are as many methods for dealing with disobedience and misbehavior as there are individual caregivers, though most would agree that some of those methods are far from ideal. When the child under your care exhibits poor behavior or defiance, these five blogs might help you find the best way to connect with him and correct that behavior.

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