8 Infamous Sibling Criminals

sibling rivalry
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Of all the notable criminals throughout recorded history, some of the most notorious have been siblings. There’s something about crime families that simultaneously chills and fascinates us,  some  even having passed into the realm of legend. We’ll let you decide which ones. Read on, for our list of ten of the most infamous sibling criminals:

  1. The Dalton GangGratton, Bob and Emmett Dalton were bank and train robbing brothers extraordinaire from the American Old West. Their older brother Frank was a Deputy U.S. Marshal, as were the younger boys briefly before becoming outlaws. Yet another brother, William, was a member of the infamous Wild Bunch.
  2. The James-Younger GangAnother gang of family outlaws from the Old West, this group included, among others, two sets of brothers: Bob, Cole, Jim and John Younger; and of course Frank and Jesse James. They robbed banks, trains and stagecoaches from 1860 to 1876, after which Jesse led another gang until 1882.
  3. The Barker-Karpis GangDepression Era gang whose members included brothers Fred and Arthur “Doc” Barker, and Alvin Karpis. The Barker boys were the sons of George and Kate “Ma” Barker. Their criminal reign lasted from 1931-1935 and included kidnappings as well as robberies.
  4. The Kray TwinsReggie and Ronnie Kray were two of the biggest names in organized crime during the 50′s and 60′s. Ruling London and even garnering celebrity status through their entertainment connections as night club owners, they were larger-than-life gangsters during the swinging 60′s.
  5. The Menendez BrothersLyle and Erik Menendez were convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment for the murders of their parents on the night of August 20, 1989.  The brothers’ affluent social status and free-spending lifestyle immediately following their parents’ deaths led to a  very high-profile televised court trial.
  6. The DoughertysThree siblings – two brothers and their sister – set out on a multi-state crime spree before being apprehended in Colorado. They had been accused of  firing at a Florida law enforcement officer and robbing a bank in Georgia.
  7. The Clarke BrothersAustralian bushrangers Thomas, John and James Clarke are credited with committing 36 holdups, killing five police officers and fostering a reign of terror that outdid Ned Kelly himself across the Australian Capital Territory of New South Wales.
  8. The Hoaks TwinsBirdy Jo and Becky Jo Hoaks, twin sisters who are aptly named, have an infamous history of scamming churches and other victims across the country. Their favorite targets tend to be churches, where they employ their wiles to hoodwink pastors and congregations alike of all manner of valuables.

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