How to Decorate Your Entrance for Halloween

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As the air turns cool and crisp, thoughts naturally begin to gravitate towards the fall season and its spooky holiday, and what better way to usher in the new season than to decorate your house’s entrance for Halloween? Whether you are having friends over for a party or are creating the perfect scene to greet young trick-or-treaters, you can create a festive entrance with some well-placed decorations.  Here are some ideas on how to go about creating a spook-tacular Halloween entrance.

Door decoration- You will need white crepe paper streamers, white cardstock, black cardstock and double-sided tape.  Cut out 2 large circles from the white cardstock.  Use a 9” plate or something similar as your template.  These are the whites of the eyes.  Next, cut out 2 medium circles from the black cardstock.  Use a bowl or a dish that is about 5” in diameter.  Tape the black circle to the white circle to create a set of eyes.  Place the black circles closer to the bottom of the white circles for a more natural looking eye position that will look like a mummy looking down on the trick-or-treaters.

Wrap the white streamer around the door, using the double-sided tape to hold it in place.  Take the streamers in different directions while you are wrapping.  Start wrapping in one direction and then tape down the end, then start wrapping in another direction.  After you have wrapped the top portion of the door you can tape the eyes on the door, making sure the black part is at the bottom.  The eyes should be in the top third of the door.  Wrap some additional streamers over the edges of the eyes so it looks like they are peeking out from under the bandages.  Continue wrapping the whole door.  Your mummy door is complete.  If you’d like, you can hang a door hanger that says, “Trick or Treat” or “Happy Halloween”. This might be where you decide to stop when it comes to decorating if you live in an apartment or condo.

Entryway props- Expand out from the door to encompass the entryway by using props.  These can be any decorations that fit with your theme.  Look around your house for things that can be used to stage your front entryway.  An old kitchen chair, a wooden crate or box, a small table or other various items can be used to give height to the arrangement.  Set out your decorated pumpkins.  On top of one of the pumpkins put a black crow (available at craft stores) that looks like its pecking on it.  Cut out some simple bat shapes out of black paper.  Fold them in half and stick them on the house around the door using some rolled up tape under the center of the bat. Don’t tape down the wings so that they are able to stick up.  Arrange them as if they were flying in a flock at an angle across the door.  Hang a few from your overhang if your door has one.  This will add to the 3D effect.  If you don’t feel comfortable cutting out the bat shapes free-hand, you can always purchase them from a craft store.  Tape some big black plastic spiders walking across the ground and have a few climbing up the wall.  Use some inexpensive fake cobwebs to add cobwebs to the doorway and surrounding objects like a bush or plant.  Feel free to sit the pumpkins on the crate or chair if you have these items to give varying height to the props.  Now your entryway is completely decorated and pretty spooky.  If you don’t have a sidewalk coming up to your door you can stop here and still have quite the enviable entryway.

Walkway- Greet your guests or trick-or-treaters by lighting the walkway.  You will need black lunch sacks (10 to 12, depending on how long your sidewalk is), some sand, 10 to 12 tea light candles (real or battery operated), scissors, white tissue paper, tape and a pencil.

Draw a simple shape on the sack using a pencil, such as a bat, a bird shape, or a witch’s hat. These are all simple to draw, easy to cut out, and festive and fitting for the holiday.  Put the shape toward the top of the bag to allow room for sand in the bottom.  After you draw the shapes on all of the sacks you’ll need to cut them out.  Cut and tape a piece of white tissue paper over the cut out shape from the inside of the sack.  Continue in the same manner until all of the bags are completed.  Add about two cups of sand to each lunch sack.  Push the tea light into the sand so that they stay stable.  Put your luminaries along both sides of your sidewalk.  Typically luminaries are set out one to two feet apart.  Light or turn on your tea lights 15 minutes before guests arrive or at dusk.  Note: A votive candle can also work and will last at least four times longer than a tea light.

Creating a mood is simple to accomplish when you have a beautifully decorated entryway or door.  Without spending a lot of time or money you can create a spectacular entryway. Involve the kids and make it a group project in which everyone can feel proud.

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